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(Job opportunities at IBM China Research Lab (Iemployee, internship))
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[[Category:Top level]]
[[Category:Top level]]
IBM China Research Laboratory in Beijing, one of IBM's eight research
labs, is expanding its  research team in the information visualization and analysis
department. We have the following position open currently (see attached job
description) and are looking for talented and motivated individuals to join
our research team. If you enjoy working in a fast pace research
environment and like to witness, first-hand, the fast growing China
economy, please email your resume to Shi Xia Liu (
Job Description:
IBM China Research Laboratory is growing its information visualization and analysis department in 2007. The department focuses on information visualization techniques, visual data analysis, and their application to business. We aim at creating new information visualization algorithm, interaction techniques to help business users to analyze large volume of business data. We are trying to integrate machine intelligence into the process of visualization to help the user discover more insight from the visual presentation of information.
Position Available:  1
Working Location:    Beijing, China
Desired Experience:
1. Have extensive knowledge and proven track record of experience in data/information visualization, intelligent user interfaces, human-computer interaction or a similar field
2. An in-depth knowledge of data mining techniques, social network analysis, or information/knowledge management techniques
3. Extensive experience in designing and developing large object-oriented software systems is preferred.
4. Have a strong background in mathematics or computer graphics is preferred.
1. Good at Java programming or C++
2. Familiar with Java 2D, AWT
3. Familiar with Flash programming will be a plus
1. Good at English writing and speaking
2. Good at communication
3. Good at team work
Job type: Contractor/internship

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