2012-11-01: Job: Senior/Principal Researcher position in Information Visualization and Human-Data Interfaces at Nokia Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, California

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Data Insight team in Nokia CTO Advanced Engineering is looking for information visualization and human-data interface researchers with passion to transform research from interesting ideas and promising results into delightful solutions and useful systems in practice. We focus on the challenges and opportunities in Nokia's data landscape, conducting research on processes and techniques to derive insights from data and to bring the value of the data to the end users. The approach combines the theoretical foundations of data analysis and computer science, real-world data mining, interactive visualizations, and hands-on skills on rapid development of scalable systems with practical relevance.

We are an interdisciplinary, agile team of machine learning, distributed systems and information visualization researchers, with a just-do-it attitude. We study, design and realize scalable solutions for data understanding and utilization. We strive extending ourselves to new topics and eagerly sharing knowledge with colleagues whose core competencies might be in other topics.

Desired Skills & Experience[edit]

You will be responsible for transforming complex datasets and computational models into understandable and engaging visualizations and other representations. You will be pushing traditional limits of information visualization and data user interfaces by producing unique representations of unique data sources together with the team. In many cases that requires also theoretical insights into mathematical properties of high-dimensional and otherwise complex data spaces. The position requires the ability to deeply understand multi-faceted and multi-dimensional information, as well as the creativity that is required to condense and illustrate the most relevant aspects of the models and the underlying data.

As your visualizations will work as a communication medium and as a way to understand complex phenomena, you need to know how to convert seemingly chaotic information into an easily understandable and intuitive form. You have a solid sense of graphical aesthetics including attention to navigation, layout, color and typography. You devote meticulous attention to user experience and goals, and test/refine consistently.

You enthusiastically implement even your most far-fetched ideas in practice, thus strong technical expertise in visualization tools and programming languages is a must. You are extremely comfortable expressing yourself with modern Web technologies such as HTML5. We value experience producing customer-facing web applications. Expertise in other data analysis frameworks and programming languages such as Python, Haskell and R is highly desirable. You have a strong passion for designing interfaces, from inception to completion if necessary. You have excellent communication skills. In addition to sharing your research fluently with the related research communities as papers, presentations, and other research by-products, you are motivated to explain your research to people outside your discipline. You want to deepen and broaden your knowledge and views with other people and you are able to ask for help from others when you need it.


Please email your resume to datainsight@nokiaresearch.com if you are interested.