2014-04-07: Jobs: PhD position in Information Visualization at Linköping University

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Linköping University hereby advertises a position as PhD student in Information Visualization.

The Information visualization group at Linköping University is focused on research work in the field of information visualization across a wide range of disciplines. A primary interest is how computer graphics displays and interaction mechanisms, combined with mathematical analysis methods, can support the visualization process. The computer systems that we target range from the portable to the massive: from the laptop or PDA to fully immersive environments.

The project within which the doctoral student will conduct research concerns high-dimensional temporal data. Such data sets are common, being generated by all sorts of measurement and simulation processes, but are very difficult to analyse as they are characterized by a large number of variables and a large number of time steps, making them hard to display in a meaningful way.

The student will undertake research in new methods for interactive display of such data, new methods for mathematical analysis within it, and user-centred evaluation of the methods developed.

Full details of the position and the application procedure can be found here: http://www.liu.se/en/job/show.html?5494

Closing date for the receipt of applications is the 25th of April, 2014.

It should be noted that a PhD position in Sweden is a salaried position with full social benefits included.

Knowledge of the Swedish language is not a requirement.

Further information about the position and research programme can be obtained from Dr. Jimmy Johansson, telephone: +46(0)11-363495, e-mail: jimmy.johansson@liu.se.