2011-06-30: Job: MSc and PhD Student Recruitment, University of Manitoba, Canada

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This is a call for applications to PhD and MSc positions at the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, University of Manitoba, Canada.
Competitive funding is available.

The HCI lab is directed by three faculty members, Dr. Pourang Irani, Dr. Andrea Bunt, and Dr. James Young, and conducts research in a wide range of areas:

  • information visualization
  • tabletop and large displays
  • novel input devices
  • intelligent interactive systems
  • user modelling
  • human-robot interaction
  • tangible interfaces

Application process[edit]

  • review the group website and the websites of the three faculty
  • send CV, potential project ideas, motivation letter, or other related documents.


Pourang Irani, Andrea Bunt, James Young
Department of Computer Science, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2
URL: hci.cs.umanitoba.ca

by James Young via CHI-JOBS mailing list