News:2014-04-30: Job: Java biological sequence visual analytics software development (Closes 6th May 2014), University of Dundee, UK

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Jalview Visual Analytics Computational Scientist/Developer, University of Dundee, UK[edit]


Barton Computational Biology Group Division of Computational Biology College of Life Sciences University of Dundee, UK


Informal enquires to Prof. Geoff Barton

Apply via University of Dundee's Job Portal

Applications close 6th May 2014


Grade 7 (post doc) or Grade 8 (senior post doc)


Up to 5 Years


Two opportunities to join a team of computational scientists, researchers and educators creating open source visual analytics platforms for biological sequence data!

We are expanding the Dundee, UK based development team for Jalview (, which is free software that is used by tens of thousands of students and researchers for the analysis of biological sequence data. Based at the Barton Group in the University of Dundee (, you will be funded by the Wellcome Trust and the UK’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council to help redesign Jalview and create new visualization and analysis technology.

We get excited about enabling students and researchers to apply cutting edge biological sequence analysis and visualization techniques to do great science. If you join Jalview’s development team, you’ll be working alongside other computational biology researchers at the new Centre for Translational and Interdisciplinary Research ( You’ll also work with biomedical scientists and clinicians in Dundee, and collaborate with leading research groups, such as ENSEMBL and the PDBe at EMBL-EBI in the UK to redefine the way that researchers explore and analyse biological sequence alignment and variation data in the context of 3D structures and biological networks. As an open source computational scientist, you’ll also have the opportunity to get involved with the regular training courses and hackathons that we run, and participate at biology and bioinformatics conferences and hackathons around the world.

If you want to join us in Dundee, then you need:

  • At least three years experience developing Java servers or client applications that take advantage of large scale databases and distributed computation
  • Demonstrable ability to apply good software engineering practice (version control, documentation, build systems, tests)
  • Good written, visual, oral, and online communication skills
  • A degree, masters, or Ph.D. and/or equivalent experience in a scientific or numerate discipline
  • A keen interest in the creation of powerful open source interactive analysis tools for biological sequence data

Before you apply, take a look at how Jalview is currently developed, and then get in touch to tell us about what you can contribute!

Jalview development is about world-class Java software engineering, user interface design, high-performance data analysis and communicating best practice in the interactive visual exploration of biological data. If you aren’t a bioinformatician, then this is a great opportunity to gain knowledge of key resources for computational biology (e.g. ENSEMBL, ENA, Interpro, TCGA, COSMIC, wwwPDB and GO). Whether you are an experienced computational scientist or a software developer looking for a new challenge, then we’d like to hear from you!

This position is available for up to 5 years