2008-02-08: Research positions at AT&T Labs, New York area

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AT&T Labs Research is seeking strong candidates for regular positions and summer internships. See here for information.

Many interesting problems today involve working with large, relational data sets. AT&T Labs (formerly part of Bell Labs) works in one of the world's largest network companies. We deal with real problems on the cutting edge of IP, wireless, television, web services and content distribution, and network security. Computer graphics and sophisticated algorithms are keys to breakthrough in exploring and understanding the large, complex information sets that support these services.

We seek strong candidates to work with us. A Ph.D. in Computer Science or closely related field, or equivalent demonstrated research capability is required. Relevant technical areas include visualization, applied algorithms, network analysis, computational geometry and data mining, especially methods to combine human interaction with machine learning. We are also involved in research on integrating 3D graphics and high performance computing with video content, both online and stored. Good software skills, from prototyping to full scale systems expertise, are generally expected.

Some recent projects here included a novel method of measuring and visualizing proximity in online social networks; systems to visualize and interactively explore networks with hundreds of thousands of objects; recommendation algorithms that won the Netflix progress prize; a collaboration with UBC on a method for visually exploring large sets of time series (and a compatible algorithm for detecting anomalies in time-series data based on an information theoretic-approach), work on capturing realtime video and 3D surfaces from multiple HDTV cameras, deployment of a 768-core multi-cluster for information mining experiments, and more.