2012-03-01: Job: Research Fellow (Data Visualization), University of Leeds, UK

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We are seeking to appoint an ambitious researcher within the Visualization and VR group at Leeds to work on visualization of time-varying graphs.

The initial focus will be on graphs resulting from topological analysis over (time-varying) volumetric datasets, but the work may later consider graphs resulting from optimisation problems in multi-parameter spaces, thus generalising from time into the broader setting of higher-dimensional spaces.

The research will investigate

  • the link between layout aesthetics and specific tasks over time-varying data;
  • layout techniques for ensuring or optimising against these aesthetics - this will include embedding of the graph into higher-dimensional manifolds;
  • techniques for eliding structural detail, and linking visual abstractions to other models of the data;
  • efficient implementation of layout algorithms within established visualization toolkits (e.g. VTK), including where appropriate parallelisation on cluster-based hardware and/or many-core GPU architecture;
  • evaluation of time-varying visualization in terms of perceptual / cognitive utility and the ability of the visualization to distil insight into the underlying phenomena.

For further details, and how to apply, please see:


by David Duke via Vismaster_community