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  • FlowingData (Website | Feed)
    FlowingData explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better - mainly through data visualization.
  • information aesthetics (Website | XML feed)
    "this weblog explores the symbiotic relationship between creative design and the field of information visualization"
  • SmallMultiples (Website | XML feed)
    SmallMultiples is a blog on information design, information visualization, and usability by Dmitry Nekrasovski.
  • mentegrafica (Website | XML feed)
    mentegrafica is a web blog on Information Visualization, eLearning, Rich Internet Applications, Mobile by daniele galiffa
  • (Website | XML feed) is a news and knowledge resource for data visualization and infographics.
  • (Website | Feed)
    The geeky side of information visualization
  • VisLives! (Website | Feed)
    Visualization as I see it (by Chris Pudney)
  • Chart Porn (Website | Feed)
    An addictive collection of beautiful charts, graphs, maps, and interactive data visualization toys -- on topics from around the world. (Dustin Smith)
  • The Telltale Chart (Website | Feed)
    Visualizing American economics and economic history -- articles and visualizations on U.S. economy, job market, etc.