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This one for arranging papers


based [roughly] on chapter headings in IEEE InfoVis CONFERENCE proceedings

  • Sonification
  • Visualization Design Patterns (sub items in this section refer to programming patterns to support InfoVis, rather than the section of infovis)
    • Visualization Architecture Patterns
      • MVC
      • Reference Model (a tiered version of MVC)
      • PAC (another tiered architercture)
    • Interaction Patterns (User intent-based categories of interaction techniques)
      • Reconfigure: show me a different arrangement
      • Encode: show me a different representation
      • Filter: show me something conditionally
        • Filter
        • Dynamic Queries
        • Context-maintained Filter
        • Reduction Filter
      • Abstract/Elaborate: show me more or less detail
      • Connect: show me related items
      • Explore: show me something else
        • Navigation
        • Navigation Box
        • Spatial Navigation
        • Click-n-Drag
        • Teleportation
      • Select: mark something as interesting
        • Single Direct Selection
        • Multiple Direct Selection
        • Bounding Box
        • Single Direct Selection+Keyboard
        • Bounding Box+Keyboard
    • Direct Manipulation (programming pattern to support this interaction technique)
    • Smooth Transitions (programming pattern to support this interaction technique)
    • 2D Navigational Model (programming pattern to support this interaction technique)
    • 3D Navigational Model (programming pattern to support this interaction technique)
    • NAFS Model (programming pattern to support this interaction technique)
  • Visualisation Design Techniques (techniques for constructing and rendering visualisations) (distinct from programming patterns above)
  • Frameworks and reference models
  • Evaluation
    • Usability methods
    • Utility methods
    • Transferability methods
    • Insight-based evaluation methods [2]
  • Applications
    • in Digital Libraries
    • in Sensemaking
    • in Education
    • in Information Retrieval
  • Collaborative Visualisation
  • Web Visualisation
  • Large Scale Visualisation
  • Visual Analytics
  • Knowledge Visualisation
    • New Classifications
    • Theory
    • Applications
    • Indigenous Knowledge Visualisation
    • Knowledge Domain Visualisation
  • in Biomedical Informatics-IVBi
  • in Built and Rural Environments
  • Design Visualisation
  • Visual Data Mining
  • Interaction techniques
  • Interfaces
    • Zooming
    • 3d
  • Applications (applications of other fields to InfoVis)
    • of Graph Theory
    • of Information Extraction
    • of Data Mining
  • Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality
  • Multimedia and E-Learning
  • Digital Art
  • Animation, Computer Games and their Applications
  • Education


  1. Shneiderman, Ben, Stuart K. Card, and Jock D. Mackinlay. 1999. Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think. Morgan Kaufmann.
  2. refer to papers of the BELIV workshop at CHI '08