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Williamson, Christopher, founder and president of DreamQuest Software, is a successful independent game developer, publisher, consultant, avid game-player and industry speaker. His most recent speaking engagements include the Game Developers Conference, PalmSource, Shareware Industry Conference and CTIA.

He has a Masters in Software Engineering (Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory Center for Automation Research and Computer Science Department, University of Maryland) and spent several years focusing on system architecture and the software development process with IBM before launching DreamQuest Software in 1994.



  • president of DreamQuest (1994- )


  • Human-Computer Interaction LaboratoryCenter for Automation Research and Computer Science Department, University of Maryland
  • 1994 Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory Video Reports

Main Interests[edit]

  • user interface design
  • human-computer interaction
  • game development

Prominent Ideas[edit]

  • Dynamic Homefinder
  • Dynamic Queries


  • Shneiderman, Ben, Williamson, Christopher, Ahlberg, Christopher (1992): Dynamic Queries: Database Searching by Direct Manipulation. In: Bauersfeld, Penny, Bennett, John, Lynch, Gene (ed.): Proceedings of the ACM CHI 92 Human Factors in Computing Systems Conference. June 3-7, 1992, Monterey, California. p.669-670.

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Contact Informations[edit]

DreamQuest Software, LLC. 542 W. Linden Street Louisville, CO 80027 303-665-0614