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The concept of Wikis resembles that, of the World Wide Web. The information should be available and changeable immediately.

The version-administration, that it licenses the users in the case of mistakes or vandalism to restore a former version of a side, is essentially with the most Wiki-Software, under it the MediaWiki started in the Wikipedia themselves. As with hyper-texts usually, the individual sides of a Wikis are connected through cross-references (Hyperlinks) together; the concept of the InterWiki-Links is used for the network of different Wikis.

Wikises belong to the Content-Management-Systemens, puts down on the philosophy of the open access however, in the difference too partly exactly regular work-courses (workflow) of editing-systems. The changeable-ness of the sides through everyone moves an original idea of the World Wide Web for the first time consistently and still fills an essential request at social software. However is not for finished each Wiki legibly or writing-devoid of, there are also systems, the access-control for certain sides and user-groups allows.

Further essential characteristic of Wiki-Software is that , it puts less value on a varied layout of the Website .

Most systems are software outside, often under a version of that GNU general Public License (GPL) licenses. Many Wiki-Software systems are built modular and offer an individual programming-interface, which enables the user to write own expansions without knowing the entire source code.


About the text more legibly and structured to shape, there are usually sign-combinations, that assign a format-presentation to the marked text. These awards, usually English as „day “marks, is inputed in the input-window at corresponding position. For example in the Wikipedia, the input yields „a kursives word “the edition „an italic word “.

The totality this of day is marked as Wiki-Syntax and differs according to used Wiki-Software. All dialects are more simply built than the historically spreads started HTML in the World Wide Web. This limitation on the essential enables a big group of people, especially also computer-laymen, to share with little learns - and writing-expenditure in this system.

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