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Kommentare zu Aufgabe 0:[edit]

  • Die Verwendung von <table> Tags innerhalb von MediaWiki sollte vermieden werden (dafür gibt es eine eigene Table Syntax (siehe auch Allgemeine Bemerkungen zu Aufgabe 0).
  • Die Verwendung von animierten GIFs lenkt vom eigentlichen Content ab und sollte nur dann eingesetzt werden, wenn es ein mehr an Information bringt (Usability!):
In general, animations draw the user's eye away from the text, headlines and other material designed to communicate a message. And anything that increases eye movement ­ including too many graphics, random placement of text and graphics or overly long lines of text ­ leads to decreased communication.
[Gill, 2001]

Thou Shalt Not Distract

<Blink> Look here! Look! Look! Look here! <Blink> The nightmare began with <Blink>, a Netscape extension to HTML that causes the bracketed text to blink most annoyingly. Now the nightmare continues with animated GIFS, scripted animations, sounds, videos, and the like. Multimedia elements may be geek chic, but they exhibit all the same problems as graphics. Slow to load and distracting, they're often poorly produced or stolen from other sites.

If you're creating a site that exists purely to entertain, then seriously consider incorporating animation, sound, and video. But make sure your choices are truly entertaining, not annoying or offensive.

Otherwise, use these elements only where they truly enhance the experience of your site. You should ruthlessly follow the less-is more rule. Also, make sure that all multimedia elements work in concert with each other and with your text and graphics. Playing a raucous polka on a page designed to teach about Mayan civilization makes no sense.
[Petersen, 1999]


-- Wolfgang Aigner 21:44, 21 October 2005 (CEST)

Werde mir den Wiki-table syntax ansehen

Wie man auf Grund der History sieht, war die der gif - Variante nicht meine Idee, werde das änden..

-- Heinrich Fritz 10:17, 24 October 2005 (CEST)