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Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Stefan Schlechtweg

Professor at the Faculty of Computer Science, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Since 1996 he is a lecturer at the University of Magdeburg and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences giving various courses in Computergraphics and Visualization. In 2001 he was responsible for a seminar (Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics) at the Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Kanada.


Faculty of Computer Science, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Bernburger Str. 55 06366 Köthen, Germany)
Lohmannstr. 23, Room 219, D-06366 Köthen, Germany

T: +49 3496 67 3120
F: +49 3496 67 3199

E: stefan.schlechtweg (at)

Main Interests[edit]

  • Computergraphics and Visualization
  • Virtual Environments
  • Information Visualization
  • Electronic Documents


  • Publications
  • Projects
    • Information Visualization:
      • Icon-Based Visualization Using Mosaic Metaphors (Pdf)
      • ArcTrees: Visualizing Relations in Hierarchical Data (Pdf)
      • Interactive Treemaps: with Detail on Demand to Support Information Search in Documents (Pdf)
    • Virtual Environments:
      • MiniCAVE: a small scale CAVE that employs active stereo using shutter glasses for viewing as well as for projection. The main use of this device is educational, students should be given a possibility to see their programs run in an immersive setting.
      • OpenCrimeScene: vSLRCam - Taking Pictures in Virtual Environments (Pdf)
    • Computergraphics: Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics. Modelling, Rendering, and Animation
    • Electronic Documents