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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Vedran Sabol leads the Knowledge Visualization Area at the Know-Center GmbH, Austria's research center for data-driven business and big data analytics. He is also employed at the Graz University of Technology as lecturer. Vedran's research focus is in the fields of visual analytics, information and knowledge visualization, human-computer interaction, and knowledge discovery. Over the past 15 years he has successfully led and completed numerous applied research project involving industry and academia. He has published over 60 scientific publications including journal contributions, book chapters and conference papers.

Vedran was involved, either as a collaborator or as a project leader, in national and international applied research projects addressing the aforementioned areas. These include (but are not limited to):

  • InfoSky - Visualization of Large Hierarchical Document Spaces (COMET project)
  • KnowMiner - Know-Center's Knowledge Discovery Framework (COMET project)
  • MISTRAL - Measurable Intelligent and Reliable Semantic Extraction and Retrieval of Multimedia Data (FIT-IT project)
  • Semantic Competitive Intelligence - Visually supported analysis of semantic patterns in knowledge repositories (COMET project)
  • RAVEN - Relation Analysis and Visualization for Evolving Network (FFG project)
  • Visually Supported Ontology Alignment ((COMET project, in cooperation with MIMOS, Malaysia)
  • DIVINE - Dynamic Integration and Visualization of Information from Multiple Evidence Sources (FFG project)
  • CODE - Commercially Empowered Linked Open Data Ecosystems in Research (FP7 EU project)
  • EEXCESS - Enhancing Europe’s eXchange in Cultural Educational and Scientific reSources (FP7 EU project)
  • Big Measurement Data - Pattern Search and Visualization of Sensor Data (COMET project)

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