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Martin Rotard

Short Vita[edit]

Martin Rotard has been researcher and PostDoc of the Visualization and Interactive Systems Institute, University of Stuttgart, since June 2001. His research interests are new graphical standards on the web like Scalable Vector Graphics, MathML, X3D, SMIL, etc., Human Computer Interaction, Usability and Accessibility. His development activities are in the field of XML-based graphics, semantic web technologies, universal access on the web, graphical user interfaces and software usability.

Martin Rotard's projects:

  • BMWi: HyperBraille
  • EU: PatExpert
  • MWK-BW: Teaching-/Learningmodules for Key Qualifications in the Field of Computer Graphics and Visualization
  • BMBF: Information Technology Online (ITO)
  • University of Stuttgart: 100-online
  • BMBF/WTZ: Modelling of Discrete Event Systems

Contact Information[edit]

Dr. Martin Rotard

University of Stuttgart
Visualization and Interactive Systems Institute
Universitätsstraße 38
70569 Stuttgart

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