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Ramana Rao

Ramana Rao is a computer scientist, software developer and one of the founders of Inxight Software, Inc. (1997). Moreover he leads its agency to build next-generation interface and information software products for the ever growing community of Internet users.

During his career Ramana Rao has pursued the goal of building interactive systems that enable people to perform much better on various knowledge tasks. Ramana Rao is the designer and co-inventor of Hyperbolic trees and Table lens, two innovative techniques for effective interacting with large amounts of information.

Ramana Rao has spent much of his career at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and Inxight Software Center. At Xerox PARC he was a key member of the team that pioneered the field of information visualization. He researched a diversity of topics related to enabling people to interact with information more effectively. This explorations and inventions contain:

  • intelligent information access,
  • digital libraries,
  • information visualization and
  • user interfaces.

His work includes 25 patent filings and numerous research papers. Ramana Rao has been noted for his speeches at many conferences and is frequently quoted by the media on topics ranging from interactive design to corporate innovation.

Ramana Rao received BS and MS degrees from MIT in computer science and engineering. He lives in California with his wife and two daughters.


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