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Sorry I am a bit late to the party But here it is: Could you please priovde patterns not only in Photoshop (.pat) format but also in self-installing .mxp (Fireworks extension format)? That would be awesome!(Note: In Fireworks, you have access to Patterns and Textures. There's a slight difference between them, but Textures are used more often (small repeatable patterns), and they are located:%Program Files%\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS \Configuration\Textures\ { here }An .mxp file is simply a Fireworks extension file that may auto-extract and copy some stuff to a predefined place. For example, of pixel patterns by Naomi, once downloaded, installs Fireworks pixel patterns.)Fireworks extension developer might priovde some help to you, if you decide to offer a Fireworks packs, too!I am a big fan of your work, and many thanks for the patterns you already priovded to the community!