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Nominal is the type of variables, which normally come in form of set of values that have no meaning in both numerical and order. So the characteristic of it will be incomparable and unavailable to do the addition computation or any arithmetic. Note : Nominal data can be converted into ordinal data by alphabetical sorting
Sample 1 : Table, Bag, Fan, Light, Television, etc.
Sample 2 : Car, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Truck, etc.
Sample 3 :,,
Sample 4 : Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classic, Rap, Hip-Hop, etc.
Sample 5 : Dog, Cat, Cow, Hen, Duck, Tiger, etc.
Sample 6 : Honda, Yamaha, Benz, Toyota, Jaguar, Isuzu, Ford, etc.
Sample 7 : Police, Teacher, Business Person, Singer, Actor, etc.

[Nata AIT, 2006]