News:2015-01-09: Job: Research Position (possible PhD or postdoc) on Visualization of Medical Records at KU Leuven, Belgium

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:: MyHealthData - Empowering the Patient ::

In the old days, all information relevant to a patient would have been hand-written on pieces of paper stored in the doctor’s office. Things have changed. Not only is there the electronic patient record containing an individual’s full history, but a lot of other relevant information is available such as medical guidelines, aggregated characteristics of comparable patients, and projections into the future. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could let patients/citizens give full access to and insight in their own data? We believe so…

In collaboration with different Belgian content providers (electronic health record providers, caregivers, health insurers, …) we want to build tools to unlock this information to the patient. This will involve data analytics, visualization, and user experience research. To help us in this effort, we are looking to hire a data scientist versed in the field of data visualization but also not shy to perform data analysis. Specific topics that will be covered include (but will not be limited to) data exploration, improving interpretability of black-box machine learning algorithms, and development of privacy-aware visual encodings.

So if you’re a data scientist who not only knows how to cluster datasets but also how to design visualizations (e.g. using Processing or D3), you might be the person we’re looking for. If you’re interested to play a role in this project, please send an email to, and include (preferably in PDF): [a] your CV, [b] two references (with email and phone number), [c] if available, one or more figures and/or screencasts of previous data visualization work. Please mention “MyHealthData” in your application. We’d like to find someone by February…

If you have an MSc, the position is originally available for 2 years, but in case of a good match additional funding will be sought for PhD study. If you’re a postdoctoral researcher, you’re welcome to apply as well, although the funded period will initially be shorter.

See for more information on the research group.

Keywords: visualization, healthcare