News:2015-01-09: Job: Research Position (possible PhD or postdoc) on Medical Collaborative Visualization at KU Leuven, Belgium

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:: MECOVI - Medical Collaborative Visualization ::

Did you ever want to use your design background to save lives? We’re hiring!

Cancer- and epilepsy-patients as well as early-born babies are a few examples of people who are in the care of entire teams of specialists, ranging from radiologists and oncologists to cardiologists, neurologists and other -ologists. Communication between these experts is of course crucial, but the tools that they use for this often date from the stone age (powerpoint with screenshots, for example.)

We want to change that.

In collaboration with companies such as Barco, which develops big screen hardware, we want to focus on the design/visualization-end of these interactions. Some questions that we would like to answer include: To what extent can data from one field be abstracted so that an expert in another field can still understand it? What would a good interactive expert-oriented visual overview look like that can be used as a scaffold to attach more detailed information? Can we find a way to gracefully degrade that overview in settings where one of the collaborators works remotely on a small or low-resolution screen? Can we integrate for example neurology data with cardiology?

But we need your help…

If you have a design background and know your way around user-driven design and programming data visualizations using Processing or D3, you may be the person we are looking for. If you’re interested to play a role, please send an email to, and include (preferably in PDF): [a] your CV, [b] two references (with email and phone number), [c] one or more figures and/or screencasts of previous data visualization work. Please mention “MECOVI” in your application. We’d like to find someone by February…

In case you have an MSc, the position is initially for 15 months, but if we’re a good match additional funding will be sought to prolong this for a full PhD study. Postdoctoral researchers are free to apply as well, but in that case funding will be for a shorter period.

See for more information about the research group.

Keywords: visualization, collaboration