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Paul Mutton

General informations[edit]

Mr Paul James Mutton was born the 20th December 1979.

He's living in Near Bath (United Kingdom).

Domain of work[edit]

Paul Mutton is working about the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) framework and several other Java programs. He started his PhD at the University of Kent in September 2001 where his main research area was Graph drawing under the supervision of Dr Peter Rodgers.



  • 2001: Graduation at the University of Kent at Canterbury with first class honours in Computer Science (BSc Hons).
  • 2001: Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.2.
  • 2005: Submission of the Ph.D. thesis Force-directed Layout of Diagrams in Computer Science at the University of Kent.

Professional experience (from 1998)[edit]

  • Work for Marley Extrusions' central accounts and payroll (3 months).
  • Work in Marley Extrusions' MIS department (2 months). Intranet site development and writing an Excel VBA application.
  • Win of a competition to redesign the University of Kent's Computer Science website.
  • Win of Philips sponsored prize for Software Engineering 2000.
  • Development of the i-scream distributed central monitoring system (September 2000).
  • Work for the University of Kent: creation of a framework for network testing in Java.
  • Win of the 2001 Institution Prize from the Institution of Electrical Engineers.
  • Assisting radio show production at Ashford Hospital Broadcasting Service (18 months).
  • Publication of the popular PircBot Java IRC API, and other open source programs.
  • Elected as a Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.


  • Java classes supervision for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Knowledge of SQL and relational database design gained in an e-commerce environment.
  • Comprehension and use of specification languages like UML.
  • Strong skills concerning HTML, Perl, VRML, ASP, PHP, Java and web-based languages.
  • Ability and facility to write clear and understandable documentation.
  • Significant faculties for accomodation to quickly learn new concepts and languages


As author:
  • [Mutton, 2004] Paul Mutton, IRC Hacks, O'Reilly, August 2004. [[1]].
As contributor:
  • [Calishain et al., 2004] Tara Calishain & Rael Dornfest, Google Hacks, 2nd Edition, O'Reilly, December 2004. [[2]]

Sports and Hobbies[edit]

  • He plays several sports like table tennis with a local league level and ten-pin bowling, basketball, cycling and trampolining with a recreational level.
  • He spend a lot of time managing his own photography business which offers its service for each kind of event.

External Links[edit]

Link of website: Personal Homepage

Contact informations[edit]

Email adress:

Phone: +44 (0)20 7558 8800