Mackinlay, Jock D.

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Jock D. Mackinlay received his PhD in computer science from Stanford University, where he pioneered the automatic design of graphical presentations of relational information. He joined Xerox PARC in 1986, where he collaborated with the User Interface Research Group to develop many novel applications of computer graphics for information access, coining the term "Information Visualization".

Much of the fruits of this research can be seen in his published book, Readings in Information Visualization - Using Vision to Think (Morgan Kaufman, written and edited with Stuart K. Card and Ben Shneiderman). He co-invented a number of visualizing techniques, including Cone Trees, the Perspective Walls, etc., edited with George Robertson and Stuart K. Card.

His research focuses on developing computer systems that exploit the power of human vision for maximizing cognitive performance. His current research is exploiting advances in flat panel displays and graphics cards that enable personal computers with 6-8 monitors and may also eliminate seams.

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