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Wolfgang Kienreich is head of business development and senior researcher in Visualization at the Know-Center Graz. His scientific work focusses on development and evaluation of visualization systems for large, complex knowledge spaces. Some samples of Wolfgang's work include the InfoSky visual browser, threedimensional navigation facilities integrated in the Brockhaus Encyclopedia , search result visualizations used by the Austrian Press Agency and the Planetarium module of the Brockhaus Multimedial lexicon.

Wolfgang's research agenda includes

Wolfgang has also been working on problems of game theory, namely the iterated prisoners dilemma. Together with Wolfgang Slany, he developed algorithms for this problem which won several tournaments under names like Mr. Nice Guy and the Cosa Nostra

Wolfgang works at the Know-Center in Graz. The Know-Center is Austria's competence center for knowledge technologies. Since its establishment in 2001, the Know-Center has worked on briding the gap between industry and science by transferring relevant scientific results to industry projects and incorporating lessons learned in the field into its research agenda.

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