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Professor Mikael Jern was elected "pioneer of computer graphics" based on his breaking new ground research together with Professor Hellmuth Hertz at the University of Lund in the late 70’s. Together they invented the "Colour Graphics System" based on the first ink jet plotter for raster based visualization software in the world.

He later founded UNIRAS which became a world leading supplier of visualization software. In September 1999, he returned to academic research and was appointed professor at Linkoping University, Sweden.

His latest research interest includes cutting-edge explorative information and geovisualization concepts. He has been a frequently invited keynote speaker at international conferences and is acting as chair in the European research forum for information visualization.

Professor Jern is the founder and chair of SIGRAD (Swedish society for computer graphics). He has been a member in several graphics metafile committees supporting CGM, CGM*PIP, etc.

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