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Nathalie Henry

Nathalie Henry is a PhD student doing a cotutelle between France and Australia.

Her Research Topics are

  • Information Visualization
  • Human Computer Interaction

She started her PhD on social networks visualization in september 2004 and nearly achieve her second year. She's focusing on matrix-based representations and try to measure their readability, improve them and interact with them.

Curriculum Vitae of Nathalie Henry[edit]

Current Position

In France, she works with Dr. Jean-Daniel Fekete, part of the in|situ team, focused on human computer interaction and information visualization.

In Australia, she works with Pr. Peter Eades and the imagen team, specialized in graph drawing.

Email: nathalie.henry[@]lri.fr


2003-2004 : Research Master in Computer Science Document, Images and Communicating Information Systems. University of Lyon1, National Institute of Applied Science (INSA), Lyon, France

2001-2004 : Engineering Diploma in Computer Science National Institute of Applied Science (INSA), Lyon, France

1999-2001 : Degree in Computer Science University Institute of Technology, University of Paris-Sud, France

1998-1999 : 1st year in Computer Science (University Studies Diploma : DEUG) University of Paris-Sud, France

1998 : Bachelor Degree in Science. Sens, France


2005 : Scientific Research Communication on Graphs Visualization Workshops with children, Design of an Interactive Device Palais de la découverte (Interactive Museum in Technology and Science) Paris, France

2004 : Realistic Aging of 3D Natural Scenes Development of tools, using C++, QT and openGL, to alter a synthetic forest. Research Master Internship University of Lyon1, France

2003 : Living Pictures : Making a pictures population evolve. Bio-inspired Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms. http://prisma.insa-lyon.fr/~livingpics Computer Science Engineering Project National Institute of Applied Science, Lyon, France

2003 : Visual Langage Programmation Java3D and Neural Networks modules development integrated in JbeanStudio http://jbeanstudio.sourceforge.net 2nd year Engineering Internship University of Sydney, Australia

2002 : Web Site Automatic Generation Java DOM, XML and Enhydra server. http://www.buildyourcommunity.com 1st year Engineering Internship Silesky Marketing Inc., Baltimore, MD, United States of America

2001 : Design and Programmation of a Dynamic Web Site Section Analysis and Design using UML, Programmation using Php-MySQL. http://soc.napier.edu.uk Degree Internship Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland


2006 : MatrixExplorer : A Dual-Representation System to Explore Social Networks. Nathalie Henry and Jean-Daniel Fekete In IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings Visualization/Information Visualization 2006) (InfoVis 2006), [Acceptance rate 24% (24/104)] Baltimore, MD, USA, October 2006 (to appear). 2006 : MatrixExplorer : Un système pour l’analyse des réseaux sociaux. Nathalie Henry and Jean-Daniel Fekete In Proceedings of the 18th French Speaking Conference on Human Computer Interaction (IHM 2006), [Acceptance rate 41% (19/46)] International Conference Proceedings Series, ACM Press Montreal, Canada, April 2006 (to appear).

2006 : Evaluating Visual Table Data Understanding. Nathalie Henry and Jean-Daniel Fekete In Proceeding of BELIV 2006, AVI2006 workshop. Peered-reviewed. ACM Press. Venice, Italy, May 2006 (to appear).

2006 : Task Taxonomy for Graph Visualization. Catherine Plaisant, Bongshin Lee, Cynthia Sims Parr, Jean-Daniel Fekete and Nathalie Henry In Proceeding of BELIV 2006, AVI2006 workshop. Peered-reviewed. ACM Press. Venice, Italy, May 2006 (to appear).

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