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Saul Greenberg[edit]

Saul Greenberg

Saul Greenberg is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary, holding the NSERC/iCORE/Smart Technologies Industrial Chair in Interactive Technologies. He concentrates on probing the cross-discipline aspects of Human-Computer Interaction and CSCW. Research led to a variety of projects and publications, such as the development of toolkits which enable a rapid prototyping of groupware and physical user interfaces. Furthermore, Greenberg is well known for his refinement of evaluation methods, to name only a few of his works which all handle the main problem of situative interaction.

Beside his work as a teacher, Greenberg is an editorial board member for the International Journal of Human Computer Studies and the CSCW Journal and is extensively affiliated with ACM (SIGCHI/CSCW).

Greenberg, being a prolific author, was granted the CHCCS Achievement award in May 2007, previously, he was elected to the ACM CHI Academy in April 2005. He is listed as the 5th most frequent author in HCI Bibliography.

Curriculum Vitae[edit]

Before his spell at the University of Calgary, he graduated from McGill University as a B.Sc. in 1976. The M.Sc. degree in Computer Science was followed by his Ph.D. thesis on tools in command-driven interfaces [1] in 1989.

His recent work includes without limitation the introduction of a Footprints Scrollbar or visualization techniques such as slit-tear exploration of video streams.

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