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Curriculum Vitae[edit]

Jon Froehlich is a PhD graduate student in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Washington and advised by James Landay. He has recently been awarded the 2008 Microsoft Research Graduate Fellowship sponsored by Microsoft Live Labs. He is also the student coordinator and founding member of dub, our interdisciplinary HCI group on campus that includes students and faculty from Computer Science, the Information School, Technical Communications, dxArts, and other departments. Froehlich has a Bachelors degree from the Iowa State University, Ames and a Master's degree from the University of California, Irvine where he was advised by Paul Dourish.

Fields of Research[edit]

He is interested in building and studying interactive technology that addresses high value social issues such as computer accessibility, global warming, and healthcare. In the past, Froehlich has worked on prototypes to assist physically disabled users with mobile touch screen interfaces (Barrier Pointing), cell phone applications that combine sensing, machine learning, and activity inference to create awareness of personal habits such as fitness (UbiFit) and travel patterns (UbiGreen), and novel visualizations of code repository data to reveal social relationships that exist in open source codebases (Augur). Much of his work is motivated by the notion that technology can be an incredibly powerful tool, allowing scientists to explore behaviors and social phenomena in ways that were previously not possible and empowering users to express themselves, learn and share information, and connect with one another using novel communication mediums and means.


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