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Dynamic queries continuously update the data that is filtered from the database and visualized. They work instantly within a few milliseconds as users adjusts sliders or select buttons to form simple queries or to find patterns or exceptions; the dynamic–query approach thus applies the principles of direct manipulation to the database. [Shneiderman, 1994]
an interface in which a continuous manual adjustment of one or more data values results responsively (e.g. well within one second) in a visual representation of some function(s) of those data values.
[Spence, 2007]

An interface that allows dynamic queries has these properties (according to C. Williamson und B. Shneiderman [Williamson and Shneiderman, 1992]):

  • Graphical representation of the request
  • the graphical visualisation of the database and searching results
  • delivers results immediately when several parameters are changed
  • visualizes result borders (min-max)
  • allows beginners a faster entrance without having much practice, and still offers experts some mighty functions

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