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CFP 2nd International Congress on Cardiovascular Technologies (CARDIOTECHNIX 2014) Venue: Rome, Italy Event date: 25 - 26 October, 2014 Complete Papers Complete Paper Submission: May 6, 2014 Authors Notification: July 7, 2014 Camera Ready and Registration: July 21, 2014

Extended Abstracts Paper Submission: June 24, 2014 Authors Notification: July 28, 2014 Camera Ready and Registration: August 8, 2014

Scope: Technology has been essential for the advancement in cardiology diagnostic and treatment since the first accurate recording of the electrocardiogram and its development as a clinical tool in 1895, also the year of the discovery of X-rays by W.K.Röntgen, followed by ultrasound application for medical diagnosis by Dussik in 1941, and many other technologies. In the XXI century significant advances continue to be witnessed even more frequently and it seems evident that there is a very high potential of improving healthcare quality by combining medical knowledge in the area of cardiology with engineering technologies, especially those derived from communications, electronics and informatics. Congress Areas: Each of these topic areas is expanded below but the sub-topics list is not exhaustive. Papers may address one or more of the listed sub-topics, although authors should not feel limited by them. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable, provided they fit in one of the following main topic areas: 1. CARDIOVASCULAR IMAGING 2. ELECTROCARDIOLOGY AND BIOLOGICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING 3. SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES AND ADVANCED ROBOTICS 4. ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY: NEW PACING AND ABLATION TECHNICS 5. COMPUTING AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN CARDIOLOGY


• Echocardiography (3D, Intravascular Ultrasound, etc) • Magnetic Resonance Imaging • Computed Tomography Angiography • Coronary Catheterization • Positron Emission Tomography AREA 2: ELECTROCARDIOLOGY AND BIOLOGICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING

• Long Term ECG Monitoring • Implantable Holter • Risk Stratification Markers (Heart Rate Variability, Heart Rate Turbulence, etc) • Ventricular Repolarization Analysis • Blood Pressure Monitoring • Sleep Apnea Monitoring • Oxygen Saturation • Glycemic Profile AREA 3: SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES AND ADVANCED ROBOTICS

• Minimally-Invasive Cardiac Valve Surgery • Intravenous Valve Replacement (TAVI) • Minimally Invasive Cardiac Revascularization • Ventricular Assistance Devices • Mechanical Hearts • Video-Directed and Robotic Instruments for Surgery AREA 4: ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY: NEW PACING AND ABLATION TECHNICS

• Wireless Pacemaker • Multisite CRT Pacing • CRT Optimization (Echo, RMN, Sonar) • Atrial Fibrillation Ablation (Radiofrequency vs Cryoablation) • Ventricular Arrhythmias Ablation Techniques • Robotic Navigation Systems (CARTO) • Subcutaneous Defibrillators • External Defibrillators AREA 5: COMPUTING AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN CARDIOLOGY

• Telemedicine, Real-time Cardiac Monitoring and Patient Management Systems • Home Monitoring in Heart Failure, Nursing Informatics • Remote Control of Implantable Devices • Mobile Devices and Ubiquity, Data Privacy and Security • Decision Support Systems, Remote Data Analysis • Ontologies and Knowledge Representation, Data Mining and Statistical Studies • Public Health Informatics, E-Learning and Education KEYNOTE SPEAKERS CARDIOTECHNIX 2014 will have several invited keynote speakers, who are internationally recognized experts in their areas. Their names are not yet confirmed.

CONGRESS CHAIR Rui César das Neves, Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal

LOCAL CHAIR Emanuela Teresa Locati, Niguarda Hospital, Italy


CARDIOTECHNIX Secretariat Address: Av. D. Manuel I, 27A, 2º esq.

            2910-595 Setúbal - Portugal 

Tel.: +351 265 100 033 Fax: +44 203 014 8813 e-mail: Web: