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Giuseppe Carenini is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department at the University of British Columbia.

He is a member of the UBC Summarization Group, which focuses on the process of distilling the most important information from one or more sources to produce a shorter version for one or more particular users and tasks. The main goal is to present to most useful information to the user and crop the less important information. He also belongs to the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence, which deals with Computational Intelligence (or Artifical Intelligence, AI) and the design of intelligent agents. Furthermore Carenini is a member of the Institute for Computing, Information & Cognitive Systems (ICICS), which is an interdisciplinary research institute at the University of British Columbia that supports a human-centred paradigm shift in emerging information technologies.

Carenini also is an Associate Member of the IMAGER Lab which is an interdisciplinary research group within the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia.

Carenini's work focuses on Artificial Intelligence (mostly User Modeling, Preferance Elicitation, Decision Theory and Machine Learning), Computational Linguistics (mostly Summarization, Natural Language Generation, Argumentation, Multimedia), Human Computer Interaction (mostly Intelligent Interfaces, Information Visualization & Interactive Techniques) and Social Issues in Computing (Captolofy, Universal Access & Usabilty).

His PhD Thesis covered the topic of "Generating and Evaluating Evaluative Arguments" and was published in 2000. More information on the thesis can be found here. Current Research Projects include the generation and understanding of evaluatice text, recommender systems and information visualization.

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