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Ken Brodlie

Ken Brodlie is is Professor of Visualization in the School of Computing at the University of Leeds.

The Visualization Research Group at Leeds is looking at three particular areas where our understanding can be enhanced through a visual representation:

Visualization Systems - where we are looking to extend existing visualization systems in four key directions:

  • collaboration - to allow users at different locations to work together on a visualization
  • computational steering and problem-solving environments - to link simulation and visualization, for example to provide engineering design environments
  • Web-based visualization - to allow the specification, creation and delivery of visualizations using Web technologies
  • Grid-enabled visualization - to allow visualization systems to be integrated into Grid computing environments

Visualization Algorithms - where we are looking at increasing the robustness of algorithms in a number of ways:

  • incorporating constraints - to ensure visualizations adhere to physical properties, such as positivity
  • increasing accuracy - to provide improved algorithms in areas such as isosurfacing
  • understanding errors - to provide indications of errors incurred in creating a visualization and where we are looking to develop new approaches for:
  • high dimensional datasets - to enable visualization of functions of many variables.

Virtual Environments - where we are focussing on medical applications:

  • Web-based surgical training - to provide simple, yet realistic, surgical training simulators using Web technology
  • deformable modelling - to provide realistic yet computationally efficient simulations of soft object behaviour
  • volume rendering - to support surgeons in the operating theatre by providing 3D visualizations of medical image data

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