2011-06-02: Postgraduate Course on Information Visualization in Barcelona, Spain

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The idEC (instituto de Educación Continua) of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona has created, in cooperation with InfoVis.net, a postgraduate course on Information Visualization that will be imparted from October 2011 to May 2012 in Barcelona.

The course has been created and will be imparted by Dr. J.C. Dürsteler (infoVis.net) and will count among its professors with Alfons Cornella (infonomia.com), Fabien Girardin (Lift Lab), Josep Blat and Victor Pascual (Bestiario.org) among others. The language of the course will be Spanish.

For more information please see http://www.infovis.net/printRec.php?rec=eventos&lang=2#Postgrado2011 or http://www.idec.upf.edu/programa-de-postgrado-de-visualizacion-de-la-informacion