2010-12-22: PhD Studentships: Funded PhD Research Positions, giCentre, City University London

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The giCentre is currently looking to expand its range of PhD research students working in the area of information and data visualization by developing proposals for the City University Doctoral Studentship awards with candidates.

Studentships are available to fund study for three years from October 2011. Successful candidates would join a highly dynamic internationally recognised award winning group of academics and researchers at the giCentre.

PhD studentships, which provide a living allowance of £15,000 per year, a full fee waiver and a £1,000 conference allowance, are awarded across the University on a competitive basis so we are looking for high calibre candidates who enjoy using graphics and are capable of producing a high quality research proposal as part of their application.

We welcome applications and proposals in any area of applied or theoretical data visualization - details on current activity and priorities for PhD research are available through the giCentre Studentships page.

A high quality research proposal is critical in ensuring a funded studentship, so potential applicants should email us (gicentre@soi.city.ac.uk) to discuss their application and research proposal. Draft proposals received by the 14th January 2011 will receive feedback that should help you improve your application by the University deadline of the 31st January 2011.

Full details of the University application procedure are available at City University London.