2010-06-25: CFP: InfoVis Discovery Exhibition @ VisWeek 2010

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Please help our community to communicate about the impact of information visualization tools and help us make a success of the [Discovery Exhibition] venue at VisWeek 2010. This year, we want to emphasize the opportunity for *students* to submit real world success stories and meet the infovis community at [VisWeek 2010].

We are soliciting exciting stories of real users analyzing their data with infovis tools that you have built and developed in your lab and made available to end users. We also welcome entries on impact stories of public tools such as Tableau or Excel.


<<Discovery Exhibition>>

  • Why?

The Discovery Exhibition is a conference venue in which we share stories about the impact of visualizations outside of the research community. Sharing these stories will help us better understand how visualization research can impact the world and provide our community with tangible experiences to communicate on the impact of our research. For students, this venue provides a great opportunity to meet real users and understand how infovis systems can change their life and get exposure in our research community through an archived entry (published on the Discovery Exhibition website) and a poster at the conference. Accepted authors will also benefit from presentation time at the conference to present their stories and findings. This year we will have a specific student entry category with awards for the best entries, so go out, and send us your findings.

  • What?

The content of a discovery submission is not about a visualization tool itself. Indeed, we strongly encourage students to study the impact of tools built by others such as ManyEyes, Tableau, or Excel! The discovery exhibit focuses on the impact of the visualization on real users. The successful submission will contain details on the discoveries made by users and the insights they found in their data using information visualization.

  • Submission format

- A 2~4 page write-up following the VisWeek poster template.

- Optional video submissions that explain your contribution.

  • Submission deadline: Friday, July 19th, 2010

  • How to submit

-Email your entry to discovery_exhibition@vgtc.org

-If you plan to submit video figures, please upload them to a web server and send us a link to download the file.

  • More info and examples are at


Petra Isenberg, INRIA

Nathalie Riche, Microsoft Research

Jinwook Seo, Seoul National University