2009-11-11: Flex Based Data Analysis and Visualization Component Released

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New data analysis and visualization component developed by Flexmonster was recently released. Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts component provides standard Flex with additional powerful reporting and visualization capabilities. Developers get ready-to-use interactive Pivot Tables and Charts exposing business data in any desired representation. Written in pure ActionScript 3.0 it renders millions cells immediately.

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts : Features and Advantages[edit]

  • Different Data Sources. The component supports different data sources, such as:
    • OLAP Cube via XMLA protocol (MS Analysis Services);
    • CSV files (for example, exported from Excel);
    • XML from custom web services;
    • OLAP data via XMLA protocol from Mondrian;
    • OLAP data via XMLA protocol from SAP.
  • Works Fast with Huge Amounts of Data. The component works fast with huge amounts of data. It is optimized to work with millions of facts.
    • works well with big data sources
    • shows millions of facts at once
    • There is a sample on www.flexmonster.com which shows how Pivot Table grid renders 10 millions of cells.
  • Advanced Manipulation with Data. Excel-like features provide users with interface they got used to. Users can filter, sort and group every row or column (see Figure 4) in the report in most friendly way. The component has powerful tools for manipulating data, such as
    • drill-down,
    • filtering,
    • sorting,
    • grouping, etc.
  • Pivot Charts. Pivot Charts is the alternative to table way of the data visualization. They are interactive. You can drill down from the summary data to details on charts.
  • Predefined Reports, Saving Reports. It is possible to create a predefined report via configuration; define columns, rows, values, and filters to get exact data you need immediately after the Pivot Table is opened. Also, the functionality of saving reports is enabled via API.
  • Customizable Skins, Styling by CSS. Developers can customize the look of the grid and all interface elements using standard CSS.
  • Configurable UI. You can easily configure UI, define which UI elements are needed and which ones should be turned off.
  • XML/FlashVars Configuration. Pivot Table component can be configured via XML or Flash vars.
  • Easy to Integrate. The component can easily be embedded into HTML page. It can be integrated with Flex application (Pivot Table & Charts component is available as SWC). It also can be effectively integrated as front-end part of BI solutions with any back-end programming languages or frameworks (C#, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP, JSP, etc.).

See live demo and download at [1]

If you have any questions please contact at [2]