2008-10-17: Presentation of Eric Rodenbeck, "information Visualization Is A Medium"

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Information visualization is becoming more than a set of tools and technologies and techniques to understand large data sets. It is emerging as a medium in its own right, with a wide range of expressive potential.
Stamen’s work in visualization and mapping is among the most high profile online today, with the live dynamic displays at Digg Labs and Cabspotting being just two of many examples.
The studio’s approach is deeply pragmatic, always starting with real data and aiming to work with graphics on screen as soon as possible. Though all analysis is a work in progress, a project is usually finished when it shows something nobody has seen before, or builds a vocabulary for describing a system, or offers more questions than answers. And then the process begins again.
Eric Rodenbeck provides an overview of the studio’s recent projects, and insight into the studio’s working process. From O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, San Diego, CA, March 4, 2008.
[thoughtware.tv, 2008]

See full presentation from ETech conference at:


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