2007-09-11: IEEE CG&A Call for Papers - Special issue on "Mobile Graphics", July-August 2008

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IEEE CG&A Call for Papers: Mobile Graphics[edit]

Special issue of IEEE CG&A, July-August 2008

Guest Editors Kari Pulli and Scott Klemmer

Abstracts due: 31 October 2007
Submissions due: 16 November 2007
Author notification: 6 February 2008
Final versions due: 26 March 2008

Mobile phones form a ubiquitous graphics platform: in 2007, there are more than 3 billion mobile subscribers - more than double the number of PCs in the world. New devices have significantly richer graphics, processing, interfacing, and networking capability than their antecedents. There are, however, some intrinsic properties of mobile devices that distinguish them from the traditional desktop PC. Due to battery and heat dissipation concerns, power is limited, and form factor limitations constrain the physical size of input devices and graphical displays. The use context of mobile devices such as phones or PDAs differs from the desktop: the devices are available at all times, not just when you are at your desk. The interactions are often briefer, more episodic in their nature, and new sensing technologies - most notably camera and GPS - enable new opportunities for interaction.

The purpose of this special issue is to attract novel research on mobile graphics and interaction, with particular attention to emerging lines of research that address the unique attributes of mobile devices. Given the young and interdisciplinary nature of the field, we hope the call will be interpreted broadly, from the hardware to the user experience. Potential topics for articles include, but are not limited to, research that explores the uniquely mobile aspects of:

  • Mobile gaming
  • Graphics hardware
  • User interface toolkits and design tools
  • Augmented reality
  • Interaction design
  • Input techniques and technologies
  • Multimodal interfaces (such as speech, haptics, and sensors)
  • Programming languages and file formats (such as vector graphics)
  • Software architectures and service approaches
  • Visualization on small displays
  • Adapting multimedia to mobile clients
  • Techniques for rendering and browsing the Web
  • Design principles for information presentation
  • Research into particular domains (health care, developing world)

Articles should be fewer than 10 magazine pages, where a page is 800 words and a quarter page image counts as 200 words. Cite only the 12 most critical references, and consider providing background in sidebars for nonexpert readers. Color images can be interspersed through the article and should be limited to a total of 10. Visit IEEE CG&A style and length guidelines at http://www.computer.org/cga/author.htm.

Please submit a title, abstract, and author list directly to the guest editors via email with the subject "IEEE CG&A Mobile Graphics". Please submit your article using our online manuscript submission service at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/cs-ieee. When uploading your article, please select the appropriate special issue title under the category "Manuscript Type". If you have any questions about submitting your article, please contact Alkenia Winston at cga-ma (at) computer.org.

Submit a manuscript

Please direct any correspondence prior to submission to both guest editors at:

Kari Pulli Email: kari.pulli (at) nokia.com

Scott R. Klemmer Email: srk (at) cs.stanford.edu