2007-09-07: System upgrade and new server for the InfoVis:Wiki

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As announced last week, we upgraded and moved the InfoVis:Wiki to a new server. This process is now completed and the system should work stable and properly again.

The changes in detail:

  • Upgrade of the MediaWiki base system to the current version (1.10.1)
  • New server - the InfoVis:Wiki has been moved physically to a new server to increase performance and stability
  • Integration of spam defense mechanisms: Blacklists and Captcha's for creating new accounts and editing pages.

However, some minor issues are still present - but we are working on them currently:

  • Layout problem with Opera browser (that displays the main menu at the bottom)
  • Problem with RSS feed generation (XML file contains a first blank line that causes problems with some RSS readers)

Please don't hesitate to inform us about any problems you encounter after the upgrade via e-mail at infovis (at) donau-uni.ac.at