2007-04-20: Review of the newly released Tableau 3.0 by Stephen Few

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For this month's newsletter I've written a review of Tableau 3.0, which became available two days ago. Although I often comment about the data visualization capabilities of software in my blog, I only take the time to fully review products on two occasions: 1) The release of a good product, which deserves attention, or 2) the release of a product that is so bad, people need to be warned. I enjoy the former and do the latter out of a sense of necessity. Happily, Tableau 3.0 is a product that I reviewed with pleasure.
[Few, 2007]

Read and download the full review here: http://www.perceptualedge.com/articles/04-19-07.pdf


[Few, 2007] Stephen Few, Visual Business Intelligence Newsletter, April 2007, received at: April 19, 2007.