2007-04-16: Historic Information Graphics literature review by Aaron Marcus

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Aaron Marcus, well-known for his works on Usability and Information Graphics, presents a very interesting historic literature review on Information Graphics in the Visual Business Intelligence Newsletter of Perceptual Edge. He also provides some not very well known books and articles which might turn out to be real jewels.

What follows is an idiosyncratic, eclectic, abbreviated celebration of works published over the past 80 years on the topic of information graphics, or information visualization, comprising documents in my own library collected over the past 40 years.
[Marcus, 2007]



[Marcus, 2007] Aaron Marcus, Graphics.pdf Information Graphics: A Celebration and Recollection, Visual Business Intelligence Newsletter, Perceptual Edge, Created at: February 14, 2007, Retrived at: April 16, 2007. http://www.perceptualedge.com/articles/guests/Information%20Graphics.pdf