2007-01-22: JavaOne Online Learning Resource on "NetBeans IDE Common Framework for Information Visualization"

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The Sun Developer Network hosts a new learning resource on NetBeans and Information Visualization:
NetBeans IDE Common Framework for Information Visualization: TS-8943, 2006

Session Details
Modern tools are moving towards representing information visually rather than textually. For example, classes, XML schemas, business processes and MIDP application flow can all be manipulated and displayed as graphs of various visual notations. The purpose of this session is to introduce a common framework for the NetBeans Platform for building such modern tools. This framework will let developers easily build tools to visualize information modeled as graphs, relations and arbitrary free-form structures. It will support the following features: (1) industry-standard layout algorithms such as orthogonal and hierarchical, (2) visually pleasing and user-definable look-and-feels, (3) modern drag-and-drop style of user interactions, and (4) support for different rendering technologies such as SVG and Java 2D. Developers can also easily customize and extend this framework.

This session will first introduce the audience to visualization, its applications and the challenges facing developers. It will then describe the framework, its required features, proposed implementation, roadmaps and future plans. Finally, the session will demonstrate features of the proposed implementation such as defining the look-and-feels of components.
[Sun, 2006]



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