2007-01-11: New issue of Inf@Vis! (infovis.net) on "Diagrams for Visualisation" available

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The new issue of Inf@Vis! (The digital magazine of InfoVis.net) on Diagrams for Visualisation presents and analyzes different models of visualisation and gaining knowledge:

Should any discipline deserve a diagram summarising it, this is clearly Information Visualisation. In this issue we review three of the most appealing ones as a previous step to the proposal of a synthetic diagram that encompasses elements of the three together with other contributions.
[Dürsteler, 2007]

Full article: http://www.infovis.net/printMag.php?num=186&lang=2


[Dürsteler, 2007] Juan C. Dürsteler, Diagrams for Visualisation, Inf@Vis! (The digital magazine of InfoVis.net), Created at: Jan. 7, 2007, Retrieved at: Jan. 11, 2007, http://www.infovis.net/printMag.php?num=186&lang=2