2006-10-30: New release of XmdvTool is available (7.0)

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Matthew O. Ward announces the release of XmdvTool 7.0:

XmdvTool, a software package for visual exploration and analysis of multivariate data sets, has been in the public domain since 1994. This cross-platform tool supports many of the most common methods for displaying multivariate datasets, and via clustering of both records and dimensions, is scalable to millions of records and thousands of dimensions. Some of the new features of Version 7.0 include:

* Visualization using pixel-oriented techniques, including linked brushing between all visualizations, powerful data reordering capabilities, and dimension placement based on multidimensional scaling.

* Enhanced handling of nominal data, including using correspondence analysis to do data-driven conversion of nominal to ordinal values.

* Automated visual clutter measurement and clutter-based dimension reordering.

* Interactive control of dimension binning for dimensional stacking.

* Significantly improved rendering speeds in many of the displays.

* Support for HDF4 and HDF5 data formats, as well as Oracle databases, Excel spreadsheets, and XmdvTool's native .okc format.

XmdvTool runs on both Windows and Unix/Linux platforms. It comes with both executables (for Windows, a self-extracting installer is available) as well as source code and build instructions. Sample datasets and documentation are also available.

Visit http://davis.wpi.edu/~xmdv for further details and downloads.

via Infovis mailing list