2005-10-24: New issue of Inf@Vis! (infovis.net) on "Logfile Analysis" available

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The new issue of Inf@Vis! (The digital magazine of InfoVis.net) covers basic tasks and questions regarding Logfile Analysis:

Knowing the way the users utilise our website is instrumental to understand if we are providing the appropriate service, if our products are easily found and eventually, to what extent it accomplishes the goal we pursue. One of the common ways to get this knowledge is logfile analysis, a very useful yet not trouble free method.
[Dürsteler, 2005]

Full article: http://www.infovis.net/printMag.php?num=174&lang=2


[Dürsteler, 2005] Juan C. Dürsteler, Logfile Analysis, Inf@Vis! (The digital magazine of InfoVis.net), Created at: Oct. 17, 2005, Retrieved at: Oct. 24, 2005, http://www.infovis.net/printMag.php?num=174&lang=2