2005-10-18: blogviz - Mapping the dynamics of Information Diffusion in Blogspace

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Screenshot of the blogviz interface.
[Lima, 2005]

blogviz is the thesis project of Manuel Lima, the creator of VisualComplexity.com.

Blogviz is a flash driven visualization model for mapping the transmission and internal structure of top links across the blogosphere. It explores the idea of meme propagation by assuming a parallel with the spreading of most cited URLs in daily weblog entries.
Blogviz is currently a portrait of blogosphere’s topic activity during the first 64 days of 2005. Nevertheless, the model was developed to easily incorporate different timeframes. Blogviz will continue to expand in the future, to the possible point of including real-time data.
[Lima, 2005]


[Lima, 2005] Manuel Lima, blogviz - Mapping the dynamics of Information Diffusion in Blogspace, Created: 2005. Retrieved at: October 18, 2005. http://www.blogviz.com/blogviz/