2005-09-15: "Revealicious" and "Delicious Soup" - two Flash based del.icio.us visualization tools

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Revealicious is a set of graphic visualisations for your del.icio.us account that allow you to browse, search and select tags, as well as viewing posts matching them.

  • SpaceNav: allows for exploring the structure of your tags visually.
  • TagsCloud: an interactive and enhanced version of the tagscloud available in del.icio.us
  • Grouper: an experimental interface for grouping and working with tags.
SpaceNav (part of the Revealicious project) -- allows for visually exploring del.icio.us bookmarks.
[Ivy, 2005]

Delicious Soup[edit]

Delicous Soup shows related del.icio.us tags in a circular graph manner:

Delicious Soup - A tool that reveals your del.icio.us activities...
[Zitvogel, 2005]

via information aesthetics blog


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