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Karin Siebenhandl

Ph.d in Landscape Architecture and Planning (2004), studied at University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna


2002 - at Danube University Krems

  • Leader of KnowComm Research Team(in the department of Knowledge and Communication Management)
  • Project manager in research and consulting projects
  • Course Director of postgraduate Course “Traffic telematics”

In Past (e.g)

  • 1997- 2002 Technical Assistant at Austrian Federal Railways Company, landscape planning and environmental safety
  • 1995-1997 Contract for work and services at several engineering consultants (traffic management and – planning)

Research Interests

  • Perspectives on sustainable technology design
  • Information design
  • Usability and applications of traffic telematics
  • Gender and IT


Selected Publications

Karin Siebenhandl has numerous international publications, of which here mentioned only few selected ones. For more complete list, see Karin Siebenhandl's Home Page (in German)

  • Siebenhandl, Karin; Risku, Hanna; Brugger, Christof & Simlinger, Peter: Evaluating the comprehensibility of visualized information for the Trans-European Road Network (TERN) as part of the EU Project IN-SAFETY: INfrastructure and SAFETY. In: Proceedings of the International Conference Road Safety and Simulation 2007, November 7-9, 2007, Rome, Italy.
  • Siebenhandl, Karin; Risku, Hanna; Brugger, Christof & Simlinger, Peter: Evaluating the Comprehensibility of Visualized Information for the Trans-European Road Network (TERN). In: Proceedings of the 20th Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference, June 18-21, 2007, Lyon, France.
  • Karin Siebenhandl (2005): Usability Report, SITCOM: Simulating IT-Careers for Women, 114444-CP-1-2004-1-AT-Minerva-MPP.
  • Sabine Zauchner, Karin Siebenhandl (2006): A Game for Girls - The Development of an Interactive Career Platform in: D. Grabe & L. Zimmermann (Eds.), Multimedia Applications in Education, Conference Proceedings, MAPEC, Graz.

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