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The graphical representation of complex physical phenomena in order to assist scientific investigation and to make inferences that aren’t apparent in numerical form. Typical examples include processing of satellite photographs and 3D representations of molecules and fluids to examine their dynamics.
[Usability First, 2003]

Scientific visualization is a branch of computer graphics which is concerned with the presentation of interactive or animated digital images to scientists who interpret potentially huge quantities of laboratory or simulation data or the results from sensors out in the field.
[Wikipedia, 2005]

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involves scientific data with an inherent physical component
[Tory and Möller, 2004]

In scientific visualization, the graphical models are typically constructed from measured or simulated data representing objects or concepts associated with phenomena from the physical world. As such, the data and, hence, its derived visual representations represent objects that exist in a 1D (one-dimensional), 2D, or 3D object space. Eventually, data will also include a temporal dimension and the presence of spatial and temporal dimensions is a determinant factor in deriving visual representations from the data.
[Ferreira and Levkowitz, 2003]

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