Geroimenk, V. and Chen C.: Visualizing the Semantic Web - XML-based Internet and Information Visualization, Springer, 2003

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Pages: 202
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: 2003 (3d edition 2004)

Deals specifically with visualization of the Second-Generation Web. Key topics are:

  • The nature of the Semantic Web and its relationship to Information Visualization
  • Visualization of semantic and structural information and metadata
  • Ontology-based and Topic Maps visualizations
  • Visual interfaces for retrieving, browsing and mapping semantic information
  • SVG/X3D as new visualization techniques for the semantic web
  • Methods used to construct high quality metadata / metadata taxonomies
  • Recommender systems, interface issues related to filtering and recommending on the Web
  • A comparative analysis of web services and the semantic web
  • Semantic-oriented use of existing visualization methods
  • Semantically enhanced solutions for the medical community

ISBN 1852335769