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Title: CareCruiser - Interactive Visualization of Effects of Medical Treatment on a Patient's Condition
Participants: Theresia Gschwandnter, Silvia Miksch
Institution: Information Engineering Group (ieg), Institute of Software Technology and Interactive System, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, Europe.

Description: The aim of this project is the development of interactive visualization methods to support the exploration of effects of clinical actions on a patient's condition.

  • How did the patient’s condition change after a certain clinical action?
  • What was the effect of a certain clinical action?
  • When applying a certain clinical action – is the effect always the same or can is it possible to identify patterns?
  • Is the effect of a clinical action the same as for other patients?
  • What clinical action improved/downgraded a patient’s condition?
  • When is a patient in a critical condition?